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The former capital of Livonia Põltsamaa is a cute little town. Where there are beautiful parks, the river and the beautiful white bridges.

Our three-star hotel is conveniently located on the third floor of Centrum shopping centre in the centre of Viljandi and can therefore be easily found even at your first visit to the town.

City Hotel Portus is the perfect hotel for you if you value reasonable prices and proximity to Tallinn’s Old Town.

City Hotel Tallinn is a fresh new value concept hotel which offers accommodation at a significantly lower rates than the general price level – in essence you do not pay for services you do not need!

Fat Margaret's is a friendly hostel situated in the very centre of Tallinn.

В отеле Fra Mare Thalasso SPA легко найти счастье и покой: море, поющее свою песню, многочисленные маленькие бухточки и островки, прогулки в уютном и романтичном городке Хаапсалу, потоки лунного света августовскими ночами, бодрящий запах соснового ле